How to install The Sims 2 on Windows 7

Okay, so despite what some people say there is  an issue with installing Sims 2 on Windows 7. For days I was stuck with it, looking on forums for answers which no one had, so I reverted back to just fiddling with everything until I got  somewhere.

I might not be right on this, but I think there is only an issue on 64bit systems as I’ve heard it installs fine on some machines.

The issue appears to apply only to the original 4-disc base game on 64bit W7 machines😦

So anyway, this is how I got over the compatibility issue…

(If you would prefer to read this on the Exchange, please click HERE.)


I’m very sorry to report that I no longer reply to comments on this tutorial and have not done so for a while. In fact, when installing the game on my own computer I have to check through this to do so. My knowledge of the compatibility issue is exhausted on this page. I know nothing more than is here. Kim very helpfully commented with a new location for patches which can be found here (thank you!).

This tutorial still receives between 1000 – 2000 hits a week which is really great, I’m glad it helps, but I cannot keep up with the comments and questions. I’m not an expert, I wrote this years ago, I really don’t know much about this anymore. I’m sorry I can’t be more help than that, life is very busy right now and tutorials were never really my thing.


EA have openly admitted that Sims 2 has not been tested with Windows 7 and don’t appear to be in any hurry to try and rectify some of the problems users are facing. Initially there is installing, then running, updating, adding Expansion Packs (EP’s) and adding Custom Content (CC), I’ve found all of these things to be huge issues.

First things first, install your base game, obviously this takes time so I would be downloading the patches for the base game and EP’s which you would like to install. That will save time in the long run. You need the patches so don’t go trying to cut corners and leave them out, download them if you want your game to run.

UPDATE JAN 2014: Sims 2 Patches can now be found here (thank you Kim!)

As you can see I’ve finally got Sims 2 to install however it will not run. When I try to run it there is a compatibility problem, it will tell you in a pop up if this applies to you. If so then follow the next steps, but if there appears to be no problem with your game this tutorial probably doesn’t apply to you.

Sims 2 was not designed to run on Windows 7, yet we know that it can run on Windows Vista and XP. Therefore, we know what to change the compatibility to. Do this by right clicking on the shortcut and selecting “properties”.

The properties window should open. Select the “Compatibility” tab. Tick the boxes “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and “Disable visual themes,” and “Disable desktop composition”.

In the box under “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” I’m going to select Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), you should then have something which looks like…


Press “Apply” and then “OK” to close the tab.

The game will now run but you will not be able to install the patch or add a new EP. This is because each EP checks for an update which Windows 7 will not co-operate with. To change this, find the patch for the base game and right click. Find “properties” and then select the compatibility tab. Follow the previous steps.

In my experience I still wasn’t able to install the patch. Don’t worry about this, we changed the settings as a precaution. To install the patch properly you must restart your PC/Laptop in ‘Safe Mode’. I do this by holding down the power button until the power goes off, and then press it again to reboot.

You can also turn your machine off properly and not damage it, then press F8 when it’s starting up.

When you’re all loaded up in safe mode find the correct patch. In safe mode everything is a lot bigger… and bleaker, but everything is still in the same place.

The patch should install properly. Once it has restart your PC/Laptop.

Now that you’ve logged back in and everything has loaded, run the base game. It is important that you don’t install EP’s just yet in case something hasn’t worked, though you will physically be able to install them. Without patching the game not only do you run the risk of it not running, but when installing EP’s you will only be able to get so far, and when it searches for an update and cannot find or retrieve one you have basically wasted your  time.

As you can see, my base game runs. I recommend going into a town and a few families just to check all is as it should be. I usually use a household with a mixture of genders and ages to get a good idea how things are running.

For example the Pleasant family runs fine for me.

Now the base game is lacking in… well… a lot. Most of my favourite cheats don’t work with only the base game, some of my favourite CC outfits and everything is much more limited than it is with EP’s. To install EP’s you follow the same steps as the base game…

1) install – this will work if the base game is patched, if not it will fall at the last hurdle

2) Alter the compatibility of the EP

3) Alter the compatibility of the patch

4) Start PC in Safe Mode

5) Install patch

6) Restart and run game

One glitch which I have noticed with Windows 7 and Sims 2 is that it likes to produce two EA folders, I only have Sims installed on this PC so I know it’s for Sims. Going into the folder they both have sub-folders for “Sims 2”, one will be empty, the other is the actual folder your game requires. Don’t bother deleting either as the ‘fake’ folder will only reappear.

After (presumably) a long time, you’ll have installed all of the EP’s that you want. Then the next step (after checking everything runs) is installing CC.

All of my CC that I want is in my recycle bin, however, it’s not as simple as just restoring. On my laptop, or possibly W7 64bit in general, when I move more than 10mb per load into my game… it breaks. For instance, it all runs, until I want to change someone’s appearance and then “the application has crashed”.

So I install only the most important CC, and for me that’s the default replacements – for pretty much everything. Every time I install new CC I have to go into ‘change appearance’ on a male and female, click all the tabs, all the hair colours and just generally make sure it doesn’t break. However, given how fast Sims loads it’s not a problem.

That may or may not apply to you.

EDIT: If you have Mansion and Garden stuff or Apartment Life installed, the game won’t crash and you can chuck in as much CC as you want at any given time😀

Anyway, that’s how I’ve installed both my game and CC on Windows 7 64bit, I hope this tutorial was helpful in some way.

Usually I’d say contact me with any questions, but this is seriously all I know about resolving the problem😦.

Thanks for reading guys x x

133 thoughts on “How to install The Sims 2 on Windows 7

  1. hi i have a question for you. Did you ever run into a problem once you installed the base game where it told you that you could not install the CP because they were already installed but, were not? I have that issue and I cannot get my Best of Business Collection or Fun with Pets Collection to install. Do you know what to do? I have already tried a manual uninstall of the entire game but, still having problems. I have Windows 7

    • Sorry, I’ve not had that issue. I’ve not got any collection games though, beside an uninstalled version of double deluxe. I’ve been assured by others that the collections are patched and install fine on windows 7, but I have no idea personally.

      If you’ve already got and EP or SP that’s on one of the collections installed separately, then I guess that could be the only cause. I’d suggest uninstalling any conflicting EP’s if you haven’t already.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


  2. i did what you suggested but my problem is I have the first 4 EPs… and it keeps telling me to put the Pets disk 2 in the CD drive. which it IS, and obviously the drive works or I couldnt have installed the games…any ideas?

    • Sorry, I usually put the disk in and wait a minute before pressing ‘ok’. I have no idea why it wouldn’t be working, but I hope you’re able to fix it.

      Sorry I wasn’t any help.


  3. Thank you so much for putting this tutorial together. I just decided to reinstall my Sims 2 games after getting Windows 7 (way back in December…XD…yes, I’m a bit slow). I was about to give up on trying to figure out why things weren’t working until I stumbled across your site. Your tutorial saved my sanity. *big hugs*

    • I’m glad it helped you🙂, I remember when I was trying to figure it out and spent days online looking for answers. I was pulling my hair out and stumbled onto one thing and then it led to the others. So long as people have a use for it it’ll stay up ^.^

  4. can u give me a link to the patch u were referring to? im running wins 7 32bit and the compatibility mode doesnt seem to work =/

  5. Hello! thanks for this tutorial.
    Is the patch you’re talking about (the one in the BBS) the same as this :

    I can’t get it to work. I’ve successfully installed that patch. Then when I run the base game, it says “Insert the correct DVD-Rom” (Cannot locate DVD-ROM)

    Please help me on this..Thank you very much.

  6. Thank you very much for this tutorial. Yay, it saved my sims life. I got my game going!🙂🙂

    • Hi, I’m glad it worked and got your game going. The amount of people Googling a fix is pretty massive. Once you install it on your PC once you never have to do all of this stuff again, the PC will remember it even when you’ve uninstalled🙂

      Happy simming!

  7. I was keeping an old XP PC around just to play SIms 2 on but it exploded recently…literally something popped on the motherboard and it blew out a fuse in my house. Sigh. I have to throw it in the garbage.

    I will have to a get a new gaming computer and it will have Windows 7, but I am so afraid of this nightmare process of trying to make SIms 2 work under this new OS…I hate Sims 3 and refuse to play it anymore…sigh… My SIms 2 neighborhood is so much more interesting and deeper…with total control.

    Thank you for the great tutorial! I have made a bookmark.

  8. hi, i did what you said and then when i thought the game would load, a pop up box appeared with the message “unspecified error”

    i still haven’t downloaded the patch, that’s the only thing i’m thinking that’s missing i guess. but i’m curious, where do i put the patch once i’ve downloaded it?

    • Download the patches from the TS2 website and then just double click each. They’ll install themselves, there’s no need to put them anywhere🙂

      I hope you get it working :]

  9. Wow! Thanks for the fast reply! I’ve downloaded the patch (only one. for the base game), but this time, when I open the game, it says “Please insert the correct CD-ROM. I’ve already tried with all 4 cds… and it still won’t show.😐

  10. btw, does this have something to do with me, not installing the patch in safe mode? but it already installed on its own. or maybe perhaps i haven’t restarted the computer yet?

  11. So I really need an Expansion pack to play?

    • Ummm, I’m not sure, I just assumed you had them.
      To run Sims use the latest release disc you have. So if you have the base-game and university, you use university. If you only have the base-game, then you only need the blue base game disc.🙂

    • did you ever figure it out? I’m having the same problem right now…Help!!

  12. This is so wonderful that you have posted this. It is truly a giant help. I was so mad at EA games for not having a patch or a way to contact someone at customer service. I posted 3 times to their stupid help forums and got no help. Thank you so much for this. I haven’t tried this yet, I am not savy with computers and din’t really understand what you were doing in some of the steps, but I know someone who can help. Maybe by this time next week I will have my beloveded sims again. Thank you!

    • I hope it works for you🙂

      I was so excited for my upgrade and then so angry when Sims wouldn’t install. I know the pain of searching the internet and going to EA only to come up empty, so I’m glad if I can be some help :]

  13. It doesn’t work. when i click the button to make a family it comes a message that says: The game has crashed, it will now be closed. What should i do?

    • Have you got any CC?

      If you’ve put too much CC in too quickly then your game will crash at random points. I used to have to move stuff across 10mb at a time before starting the game and exiting. Installing M&G saved me from having to do that.

      Also, make sure your game is patched completely🙂

  14. wow… that is a really involved process. I like the Sims 2, but I’ll just keep it on my XP laptop if it really takes this much work to port it to 7.

    thank you, though! super excellent computer sleuthing on your part🙂

    • It’s not too bad, just a bit fiddly.

      It is only some PC’s though. And apparently only the 4 disc base game that causes the issue. If you have any other version of it you should be fine🙂

  15. I installed the base game successfully and it worked. But when I went to install University it failed at the update stage and said the update process did not complete successfully. The installation will now terminate.😦 This happened before after I’d done the Sims 2 patch first. When I installed without the patch, University installed successfully, but later it said Sims 2 wasn’t installed properly. Can I do the base game patch after the University installation? This is so frustrating.

    • You can ignore the above. I managed, finally! to install all the expansion packs I have – and, more importantly, run them and they work!!!!! Thank you SOOOO much! This has been a very frustrating and time consuming process and this page was the only one that offered a successful fix. EA games “help” was anything but. Thanks again🙂

      • No problem. Glad to see you got it up and running🙂

        Ha, EA games customer support is a joke. I’m filled with dread whenever it looks like I might encounter a problem:/

  16. Hi!
    I cannot make Sims2 to install at all. Have changed the compability and clicked the boxes, but when trying to run the setup file nothing happens. What did you do to finally succeed in installing the game on your computer?


    • Hi Sofia,

      I’m not actually sure what the problem you’re experiencing is. I installed my game as shown above, and I think the set-up began automatically. There is a pop-up which you will have to click ‘allow’ for. If it’s not running automatically go to ‘My Computer’ and double click the TS2 icon. If it still isn’t working it might be a fault with your CD drive. Test it with a DVD or other game to see if your computer recognises them🙂

  17. I want to play the sims 2 , but I can’t install the game into the pc , can I install the game to hard disk ? Please tell me

    • Um, I don’t really know what you mean. The game has to be played on PC. I’m not sure if you can install it onto an external hard-drive, it is more ideal than clogging up your PC. But I’d imagine that the computer would struggle to recognise it or find files somtimes:/. You’d also have to install the game to PC to begin with before moving the installed files and shortcuts to an external hard-drive. I’ve never tried it so I don’t know. One part of me thinks it could work, and another thinks it could be a bit of a mess. Sorry :[

  18. It didn’t work, he says all the time: ”the operating system denied access to the specified file”

  19. i have downloaded a patch for sims 2 n its working too but the game is not working without a CD………..

    • Hi.

      If you’ve installed the game using a CD then you will always need to the CD to play it. If you install expansion packs, you will have to use the most current EP disc to load the game.

      I have no idea why the patches aren’t working. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do any of this😦 sorry


  20. Hi I did what you said and I just get stuck nothing happens ?
    tried many times get a box that says installing etc…..0% and stays that way for ever any idea’s?
    Thanks Jo

    • Oh gosh. I’ve got no clue. All I can think of is that maybe its an issue with the disc and not your PC. I’d try searching for scratches and giving them a clean. If there’s no success after that, I’m really not too sure. Maybe try and install in Safe Mode?

      Hope some of that helps x

  21. Hello! I am so confused. I have just followed your tutorial (well written I must say :D) but my sims 2 game will still not run. I get a message saying ‘The Sims 2 has stopped working – check online for a solution and close the program & close the program’. I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times can you please help me. I have windows 7 home basics but changed the compatibility to visa like you did. I have downloaded the games (yes its naughty I know but I live in turkey and these games arent cheap).

    Please please please help me. x

    • Hi.

      If this is happening quite a lot (crashing while playing) take out any additional downloads you have and see how it runs. If this stops it crashing, copy them back in in tiny groups – then start the game – then quit and copy more in.

      There are so many reasons that the game crashes, it could be to do with your PC specs or even if it was a dodgy download:/


  22. yeah, i have windows 7. on my old laptop which was a compaq sims 2 worked absolutley fine and i had windows 7:\ now i have a toshiba with windows 7 and it dosn’t work. won’t even try to load it just comes up saying ‘theres a problem with the compatability’ i tried changing it but it still dosn’t work😦 so dissapointed!

    • I felt the same devastation. I was so excited for my new laptop that had amazing specs, that it never crossed my mind that TS2 might not be W7 compatible.

      I got the compatibility notification first time I installed (the reason there’s no picture of it is because I uninstalled and reinstalled for the tutorial but it never popped up again) so I think we have the same problem. All I can suggest is keep trying. It’s fiddly, but eventually you can get it all running🙂

      Good luck! x

  23. Hey this is awesome thank you so much i have one problem i think ive done all the steps right but yes theres always a problem with me =( well right at the last second of the installation a sign pops up saying to make sure sims 2 isnt running and then another one come up saying error during installation update did not complete successfully will now terminate then it uninstalls sims university i dont know wat im suppose to do ive tried installing it like 10 time same note everytime i even restarted it im running all my games through a usb drive so it dosent fill my laptop the sims 2 delux works fine since the steps u gave me it now has a little sheild badge on the shortcut menu on my desktop please please please help =)

    • Hi.

      Even though I think Deluxe comes patched, I recommend downloading the TS2 base game patch and installing it like the tutorial instructs. That is what University is trying to install, so if you update it before that, it should finish just fine.

      If that’s not the solution let me know. I remember having the same problem when I was trying to install everything. but that might not be the right solution. I tried a lot of different things🙂


  24. hey, i tried to install the patch on safe mode but it still asked me for sims 2 cd 4. i inserted my disc but it keeps on asking for it. sims 2 base game is working fine,i just can’t get to install the expansion packs =[

    • Hi. Once you put the disc in click ok. If it’s not working check the disc isn’t scratched and that it is the right one. If for some reason your computer still isn’t reading the disc, try it with other CD’s and DVD’s. If those don’t work then your disc drive might have a fault. If they do and after cleaning the disc still doesn’t work, your disc might be damaged.😦

      Hopefully a good wipe and few attempts will get it working for you🙂 good luck.

  25. im not using dvd i just download it in uTorrent and it said when run the program and it say insert cd rom pls help

    • I really have no idea how to help with that. The torrent means its an illegal download and you really do need the discs at certain points. I’d look for a cheap second hand copy on ebay or maybe ask how to fix it on the site you downloaded the torrent from.

  26. when i open the patch it says sims is already up to date! what should i do?

  27. Hey Amy! I know this is late, but, does this work with the Double Deluxe Game?🙂

  28. hey, i have a question here, u know i tried many times to install the sims 2 it took me hour of hour long just to install but when i already got the sims 2 installed it say that i need the cd rom but i used the original the sims 2 cd to install it but why does it need a cd rom please tell me.

    • I’m not sure that I understand, but the game will always need a CD in the drive in order to be able to play. It may need disc 4 or something when checking for updates. Just follow the instructions it gives you and it should all work out🙂

  29. hello Amy! I feel stupid to ask but what do you guys mean with ‘patches’ . I’ve just regularly installed the cd on my laptop and dont have any patches anywhere? I do however have EP’s but I havent installed them (like you mentioned) yet.

    Greetings from holland!

    • Patches are downloads on the Sims 2 website which fix glitches that EA didn’t catch before production. The vast majority of people won’t need to follow this tutorial to install, it really does only apply to a tiny number of people. If your game is running then I wouldn’t worry about it🙂


  30. Hey. I want to play sims 2, but did not know if it would work on W7, but now I have the answer! should try to achieve this, but are not sure if I understand everything when I’m not good at English. Greetings from Norway! =)

  31. Hi! First of all thanks for the great tutorial! So much clearer than any others.

    I just have some troubles with patching the base game. Once I downloaded and installed the game and changed the compatibility to the XP service pack 2 the runs perfectly, but when I try to patch or install EP’s it says I don’t have the right version of the base game installed and the installation is terminated. I followed your tutorial from step to step but even in the safe mode it won’t install the patch for the base game.

    Is there anything I can do (except to buy the original copies) to run the game on Windows 7??


  32. I don’t understand what is meant with don’t install the EPs What is Eps?

  33. What is a CC and how do you install it? I’ve installed everything then added the patch update as you’ce explained, no expansion packs hough, up to this part. If this is not applicable because I can open the game, why does it get to a certain point and still freezes? I’m using Windows 7 ultimate. And I’m assuming that when you talk about the base game you are talking about the 4 cd’s in the game. I’m assuming they aren’t expansions.,

  34. Sorry Also I have a 32 bit

  35. I have the original 4 disk set, so this may be the answer to my prayers. I did have TS2 installed several monthes ago and it ran like a dream until one day it just started randomly crashing. I sorted through all my CC, i tried everything and it still crashed, so I gave up and uninstalled it. I miss it desperately.
    I read throught everything, and I am unclear on something…do I need to install each patch in safe mode, or just the first one?

  36. Many thanks for instructions. I have input all my eps & patches in safe mode,but how do you put all cc in? I only have some not the ones I really want. I have all ep’s up to apartment life.

  37. I did everything you said to do but it keeps saying cannot locate CD-ROM Please eject and re-eject CD-ROM, select OK and restart application. I tried that to but it just isn’t working

  38. Amy, you’re a saint to autistic Simmers everywhere😛. Though I barely lack social skills (very rare, but I got lucky I guess😉 ), I already pass out from panic if my train leaves from a different platform than usual.

    No, really. I’m not exaggerating. I am mentally 95 percent UNABLE to switch gears without warning, so you can imagine how much I appreciate the heads up AND the thorough, illustrated (easier for us) tutorial on how to correct it. I’m getting the Sims 2 (I tried the Sims 3, but its no challenge at all… no sense of accomplishment after struggling to pay your bills and such), and if something goes haywire, at least now I can ‘brace myself’.

    I just have to remember to turn the sound off so I don’t freak out at the firealarm. Sweet plumbob, that thing takes ten years of my lifespan every single time…

  39. I’m really late to the game, no pun intended. My version of Sims 2: Double Deluxe is one disk and won’t install all the way on Windows 7. It stops with an error at 97% that says something like “can’t transfer files to neighborhoods” blah, blah, blah. I’m so frustrated because I’ve got nothing to work with. If I press “cancel”, the game automatically uninstalls the 97%. If I press “retry” then it just gives me the same errors again and again. Any advice on that one?

  40. I can’t find my patch. Help pls?

  41. What if your trying to change the capability setting on a windows 8 OS? I was able to change the base game capability setting but not the patch.

  42. Hi, I have a question. I have installed sims 2 on my computer. Then my computer said something like `you have a problem wit the compability´. Well, I have fixed that problem. Now I tried to install Open for business. The installation went well but when I had to remove cd1 and had to use cd 4 (sims 2) I got this message:The installation will now terminate. So my computer cancelled the installation and removed Open for business from my compuer. What to do?


    • I would keep trying. Follow this tutorial (the EP section). If that doesn’t work, contact EA or find a help section on a Sims forum maybe. It’s been so long since I wrote this that I really don’t have a clue anymore. Sorry I couldn’t help.

  43. hey idk if you’re even going to see this but everytime i try and download EPS it says TS2UP0 error on every one! Sims 2 works fine but how come it does this ? any solutions ?🙂

  44. I downloaded the Sims 2 base game. Now I want to download Sims 2 Pets and Seasons. But when I do that, it gets to the end of the loading and then says “Your game will now make sure it is up to date” and then it will say “Please insert the Sims 2 DVD to continue”. I’ve tried every disk. What does this mean?

  45. Hi! I installed The Sims 2 base game with 4 CD’s, but I installed the patch first because I didn’t have any issues. I also turned off and on the laptop(it has windows 7) as you said, but it still says that this game can have compatibility problems, but I can still try and run the game. Is this safe?🙂

  46. Hey, there!

    I hope this isn’t too late and you’re still willing to answer questions, but I tried working it out with my core game and I got it to start. It played fine. Then I installed EPs (all the way to Mansions and Gardens, which I believe is the most recent?) and now it won’t start. Even though I have everything installed and I changed the compatability on properties, it keeps telling me that I have inserted the wrong disk and that I need to insert the original “Mansions and Gardens Stuff” CD. Any idea on what is going on? Thank you, in advance!

    • Oh gosh, I don’t actually have a clue. Perhaps try uninstalling and re-installing Mansions and Gardens or maybe contacting EA/a Sims forum. Sorry I couldn’t help.

  47. Hi I just have a windows 7 computer and I ordered a used disk from a seller on amazon. The disk was in a expansion pack and it says disc four on it. But I can’t even get it to install, any advice?

  48. my problem is after installing on window 7, when i go back to the shortcut on disktop to open it open well, i will be ask to crate sim, after crateing the sim if i want to play it, it will ask me to play from the full version of the game, so were is the full version located?

    • It sounds somehow like you’re opening Body-Shop/Create A Sim. This is where you can build sims out of the game. To play the actual game go to the start menu, find the latest Expansion Pack installed and then click. Hopefully that will open the full game.

  49. Hi Amy,

    I see that it’s been a while since anything has been posted here, but this seems to be the only guide/tutorial that can actually be called thorough. Hope I’ll still get a reply anyways.
    The CD/DVD-drive on my laptop is busted; It does recognize if a CD/DVD gets inserted but it always shows it as an empty raw, no matter if it has already been burned or even if it’s an original CD/DVD. Therefore I am using daemon tools to mount the cd-images for the sims2.I followed your guide to the letter and I had no problem installing the base game but I can’t get the patch to work. I have already tried to do it in safe mode but it keeps asking for cd4. I have checked the registry to see if the game accepted the correct drive letter for the virtual drive and it did.
    The warranty for my laptop has run out and I can’t afford to fix my CD-Drive so until a magical future that holds some money for me arrives I will have no way to play the game😦

    • Oh wow, I’m really stuck with that one. You might be better off searching or asking for advice on any number of Sims forums. I’m really not that techy, this is pretty much my entire knowledge of installing the game summed up. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help😦

  50. do you have patches about the other episodes or expansions of the game?

  51. btw, how can i uninstall the game after this?

  52. Hey there I have a question, I haven’t gotten the game yet but I have a windows 7 are you sure it will work?

  53. After I changed the settings under compatibility exactly like yours, the base game still wouldn’t work.😦 I also tried to use the other Service Packs like Windows XP, but no luck.😦

  54. It wont work i did everything correct why wont it work

  55. I tried to create a shortcut but it does not show the compatibility tab in it’s properties…

  56. hey, I have big problem. I have already installed the Sims 2 with deamon tools and they work great, but I can’t, or I don’t know how to instal ep. i tried patches but I’m not sure if know how to use that couse then i have 2 update windows, one still asking for cd 4 and the other that says that updates are finished. well obviusly they aren’t cosue my instalation reverses anyway. pleaase help me, you’re my last hope

  57. Hi;
    I’ve installed sims 2;
    I’ve downloaded the patch (only one for the base game), but this time, when I open the game, it says
    “Please insert the correct CD-ROM,select ok and restart application”
    please help!

  58. HI, first ty for your’s been very helpful. No worries on contacting EA for the can find them here… 🙂

  59. Hi there, I install the game and thank you for that but I have a problems with the installation of the EP, i could not find the patch of the game…there is not such a thing here, i downloaded the version of The Sims 2 from one site. I really want to install more EP…please help me….:)

  60. hi i have tried this but when i try and run the game it says the colour theme has been changed to windows seven basic then it goes off again

  61. Thanks for all your info I found it very helpful thanks again

  62. hi, im trying to install sims 2 onto my laptop (dug it back out of the attic) I have windows 7 and followed the steps regarding properties on the installed icon but it still wont open and im unsure what to do next? can u help me?

  63. Hey, do you have to change the compatibility mode for each application icon you see in the EA Games program files or just the base game? And which application is the base game for Sims 2 Double Deluxe? Also, I tried opening the Sims 2 Store Edition which opens the game but in the game, I don’t see the ready-to-play neighbourhoods, only a blank page when I press create a new neighbourhood. When I press the tutorials and play them, the game crashes. Is there anything I forgot to do or anything I did wrong?

  64. I can install the game and Ep’s no probs. I even can play it with all the downloads I have (hair clothes furniture etc). I can play it and play it and play it. The all of a sudden I will go to play it and BANG won’t load, uninstall Mansions and gardens and transfer all the back up folders (which reinstates the towns I have made) and it will play and play and the again one day BANG won’t load. it takes hours to get it to work for little playing time. Grrrrrrrr……

  65. Hi, I have the Sims 2 Double Deluxe and I went through your process above and it goes smoothly until I go to create-a-sim and when I’m half way done it crashes. Do you have any suggestions?

  66. Hi! I’d like to ask a question. Where can I find the base game patch (I mean not downloaded patch)? I’ve some trouble finding that

  67. Hi i have installed the disks and that was all fine up until i tried playing it. I clicked on the shortcut and the game opened then ran through the opening video thing of the sims but when it came to the loading screen, a little box came up saying the game has crashed and will now terminate???? I have trying your tutorial but it doesn’t work… any tips?

  68. Hi!
    When I installed the Simms2 in my HP-computer with Win7 it says that the installation suceeded, but when trying to start it it starts first but after 30 sec it is interrupted. Do you understand why?

  69. thx for the help it work fien now i love you

  70. I LOVE YOU my guys to help me up in installing the sims 2
    my favourite game
    love you
    muhammad hussain

  71. What software do you use to mount the discs?

  72. i just installed it as normal it just took about two hours!

  73. Hey, I have installed the patch and game. Now a very strange bug appears, when I click on the icon to start the sims 2 game it opens up and tells me the wrong disk is inserted. And this happens to all the CDs I insert (all 4 of them). So I know for sure I have the right CD but somehow it doesn’t recognize it… what to do?

  74. omg why is it every time i go and try to install the sims 2 it always comes up and says that it could not run because you have not downloaded the sims 2 before bt i have plz someone help me plz

  75. I know you do not reply anymore to this thread, but the problem i am having is that its all working patches and all following your instructions. However neither free time or apartment life will run, even though I did it exactly like the previous eps.
    So when I uninstall free time an apartment life the sims 2 and the rest of the expansions work, but as soon as I install the last two, free time and apartment life, it will no longer run. I get stopped at the launcher.

    Please help.

  76. Hello, i have installed my sims 2 just like you said, i switched the comptability into windows vista service pack 2 and all that but my patch won’t install, even if i go on the safe mode of my laptop, it says that it’s already up to date, but when i click on my launcher and try to play my game , it crashes and it says that the sims 2 launcher doesn’t work anymore. Help me please!😦

  77. Thank you SO MUCH, this tutorial is a life saver!!😀
    I just had one problem with the patch for the actual Sims 2 game (no expansion packs stuff). I tried installing various patches from different sites and they all said the same thing: insert disc 4….. Any way around that since I don’t have disc 4??

  78. I understand the person who created this no longer responds, but was wondering if anyone else knew where I could find the patch for the base game that I need to right click on???

  79. Thank you , Great tutorial keep going !!

  80. My custom content is not showing up …and I have all the expansion packs. I extract them all into Documents/EA Games/Sims 2/Downloads, what am I doing wrong?

  81. i have installed it perfectly on windows 7 without moddifying anything

  82. Hi..
    I have done all of this but still having problems. Sims 2 asks me to insert Bon Voyage disk.. but Bon Voyage wont work.. its telling me there is a problem and that they will notify me if the problem is solved. Any ideas? Its driving me crazy!

  83. The Sims 2 disk is also saying it ‘failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system’.. I dont understand😦

  84. Every time i try to do it on the expanstion it says need to install the 2nd disc first but i dont know how

  85. plss can some one tell me how to install the sims2 reloaded plss
    it would be so helful to me

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